Friday, April 23, 2010

Time to whine and complain.....

I've finally decided that it's my fault and only my fault that I am still single! And have been for the past 10 years!! Yes I said 10 years!!! Very sad I know. I am getting very tired of being single too, but I really have no clue as how to meet a guy! I have a problem with developing crushes on guys and then not doing anything about it. Mainly cause they already have a girlfriend, so I really don't know what to do! Why can't an awesome guy just come up to me and ask me out! That would be super easy! Like I have a crush on two guys right now, but they both have girlfriends, well I know for sure one does, but not positive about the other. Anyway, I just felt like having a little pity party for myself. I still feel like I'm that shy little girl and can't talk to anyone! I'm trying to be more outgoing but it's hard. Ok enough complaining!

On another note, I am so ready to go on vacation!! I'm trying to put back some money to go to the beach this summer. If it's just me and Audrey I still want to go! It could be lot's of fun going just me and her. So yeah, I'm going to try super hard to go somewhere this summer.


Monday, April 19, 2010

My brother and his family!

When we had our family Easter dinner, we all went outside to hangout and let the girls hunt for eggs. While we were out there I took some pics of Brian and his little family. I think I got some really good pictures of them. I did realize I didn't' have many pics of Pops though! She was playing with Audrey the whole time! So did manage to get her in the family pics! They haven't seen these pictures yet, I'm going to give them prints as a surprise! So here you go!

Here are some pics from before Easter sometime!

Aren't they just the cutest little family! I love them all so much and I am so glad I got some good pics of them!


Friday, April 2, 2010

@ the zoo!

I LOVE going to the zoo! Since I have a kid I can actually go and people aren't asking me why!! I had my niece with us, so it was lot's more fun with 2 kids instead of 1! I took lot's and lot's of pictures of course, but I love to take pictures! While we were there we saw 2 people that we know! It's always fun to see people you know at the zoo, especially when they work there! One was a super fun girl I have worked with in the past, she's young and just silly! Always in a super happy fun mood! I love running into her at the zoo and we ALWAYS do! The other person we saw was one of Audrey's after school teachers. He is a super nice guy, he actually saw Audrey before she saw him and was like quietly yelling(?) at her! I think she kinda has a little crush on him, she ALWAYS lights up around him! I guess it's cute, a little girl crush! She will so want to kill me if she finds out I'm putting this on here! That's why she won't find out! It's kinda funny though about this guy, cause I could totally crush on him too! AND I kinda am crushing on him, but that's fine, I like to have crushes! Oh and he was finished with his work day and walked around with us for a 1/2 hour or so, that was fun! Alright enough about all that! Here are some pics from our day at the zoo!

okay I have more, but this is all I have time to upload right now! Later!