Friday, April 17, 2009

I can't wait for MY love story!

Ok, so my friend Carla told me about this site The Pioneer Woman. Well on her site there's all kinds of stuff to read and look at. There's also a love story about how she met her husband. I started reading it last night and I want me a cowboy now!! I have to say there is something about a cowboy that is a little sexy. Maybe it's the tighter jeans, the hat, the boots, I don't know, just something about them! There is a guy I see at lunch at least once a week and he is def a country boy, wranglers, boots, big belt buckle, big truck! He's also not bad to look at! ANYWAY, you got to go read it! I've not finished it yet, but I will. So until I get my own love story I will just read everyone elses!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter fun!!!

Easter is lot's of fun every year! I enjoy all the yummy candy, but this year we didn't have a lot of candy, which is a good thing cause I would eat it up!! Saturday I took Audrey to the egg hunt at church, she had fun got a few eggs with some goodies in them. Before the hunt we went to see the Hannah Montana movie, I was surprised at good it was! Audrey will tell you she is not a Hannah Montana fan, but you would not have known that when I told her I was taking her to see the movie! Plus she couldn't shut up during the movie, she had to keep saying I like this and that and this song and that song! I guess she is a closet fan, you know doesn't want people to know! She would kill me if she knew I said that about her( that's why she won't find out, ha ha) anyway! So that was all fun on Saturday.

Then on Sunday we went to church, but let me tell you it was not your typical Easter service, I don't even know if the meaning of Easter was talked about!! I kinda got lost after the first few sentences were said, sorry pastor Russ! After church we went to Outback to eat our Easter lunch, and I about died in the parking lot! Yes a sorta near death experience, I was walking through an empty parking spot so I could walk with my bro and some moron starts pulling into the spot NOT EVEN looking where he was going! Of course I move, but if I hadn't seen him he would have ran right over me, I was pissed(excuse my language)! So when he finally comes down to earth and notices what he had done he just gives me this blank look, I'm telling you he was so dumb. I kinda raised my voice at him as I walked by his door giving him the stink eye! He didn't even apologize, nothing, and he walked in right behind us! I could have made a scene, but decided not to.

After lunch we went home and changed to go over to my grandparents house. While there me and Audrey took a lot of pictures, mainly of us jumping in the air! I was trying to get some cool pics of her in the air, I got some neat ones,I even let her take some of me and she got some neat ones of me! No self portrait this time!

Here are some pictures from our fun weekend!

Audrey with Olivia and Nathan before the hunt.

Getting ready to go find some eggs!

Audrey in her Easter dress before church.

Me and my pretty girl.

Audrey jumping off the wall.

Me and my girl!

Audrey took this picture of me and I really like it!

Dogwood tree

The jumping pictures were lot's of fun to do! I have to say my feet and ankles hurt just a little bit from all the jumping wearing flip flops and landing on concrete. Next time I'll wear better shoes!
Till next time!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's been a while...

I've not been on here in long time! Not much is going on so I don't have much to say. We did go to the TN theater to see The Magic Tree House musical, it was fun and the theater is SO GORGEOUS inside! Here are some pictures of the past few days, enjoy!

Audrey with her friend Caroline.

Well that's all for now! I guess I should get a life so I can have something to talk about!