Saturday, August 22, 2009

Looking good! (or at least try to)

So recently I have decided that I need to dress a little better, more like a girl so to speak. No more jeans and t-shirts and flip flops :( I sure do love my flip flops! My awesome friend Carla has also told me that I should try and dress better(in a nice way though!) so I am trying to take her advice. I feel like all I do anymore is shop though!! I mean don't get me wrong I LOVE to shop, but now it's a little different when I go shopping cause I'm looking for clothes I wouldn't normally look at or I would look at them, but not think about trying them on! I am stepping out of my comfort zone a little bit, TRYING to step out!! So I have bought some cute clothes lately: a purple pair of skinny pants which are SO cute, a couple of plaid shirts, I totally love plaid and am so happy to see plaid in stores again, it's been a while, some leggings, last year I so wanted to wear leggings, but I was WAY too self conscious about them, I got gray, blue and black, and I also bought a really cute dress. The dress I bought I can wear with or without leggings! So enough about what I've bought now I have to WEAR them!! Till next time!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

what up!

Audrey finally had her first soccer practice tonight! This was supposed to be her third practice, but they kept getting rained out!! SO this was the first night of practice AND the first game is THIS saturday! Crazy, I know! They did add one more practice for this friday evening just so they can get to know each other better and figure out how to play as a team! Audrey really needs some practice, she has fun, but she doesn't GO for the ball. I think since this was the first time they all interacted with each other she was a little shy, so I think she will get better!

Anyway! I totally need to be a little more, well a lot more outgoing or I may never meet anyone special!! So there was a cute boy at church this past sunday and I should have said hi or how's it going or something! Guess what? I didn't, because I am what you may call an introvert, I always have been especially around boys! I can talk to the other sex after I kinda get to know them a little better. If I'm just thrown out there I tend to clam up or just try and blend into the wall or something! I have to say it is one trait about myself that I would LOVE to change! So about this cute boy, I had a crush on him when I was younger and he is still so good looking! And from what I hear he is single too! Whatever, I just couldn't make myself say hi! I mean he doesn't even really know me, so why would I just go up to him, my former crush, and say hey how's it going?! Not that he is the ONE for me or could have been the ONE for me but I blew it, I just could have practiced talking to a cute boy! OH AND I even dressed pretty Sunday! I actually had on a cute dress, which if you know me does not happen very often! Okay I think I've vented about how crazy shy I am enough! So now I have to try really really hard to climb out of my clam shell and just speak!!
So that's what is going on inside my head tonight, sorry it is a little middle schooly(is that a word?) but I do need to vent and get things off my mind sometimes!
Later tater!