Wednesday, February 3, 2010

School? Maybe? IDK!

So I've seriously been thinking about going to school this fall. I think I want to go, but I'm not sure. I mean I think I'm just nervous about going, I wasn't very good in school anyway, so the thought of going to college is unnerving! I know I will have to take a semester of just the basics and that is what scares me, the basics! Crazy I know! So I filled out the FAFSA form today, so I will find out how much help I will get money wise, can't wait! I still need to call the school and just make an appointment to talk to them, ahhhhh! I hate making life changing decisions, cause this def could be a life changing decision! I mean I'm not unhappy with my life, but I don't want to be where I am now in 10 yrs! Geez, this is stressing me out just thinking about it!! I feel like I will neglect my kid even more then I already do, but it's not forever and she is actually excited about her mom going to college! That part makes me smile! So that's all I have to say, I guess I'll keep everyone updated on the school thing. Oh yeah, another thing, I have NO IDEA what I'm going for! I mean no clue at all! Yeah I know, what am I thinking there! I do want to take a photography class and an art class of some sort. I'm sure there's more classes I would like to take, well I've already made a small list of some classes I want to take. So I am thinking about things some!

Here's my list of classes I thought I might like:
advertising and promotion
basic printmaking
intermediate design and color
business administration
child and family studies
digital photography
digital graphic design
early childhood education(?)
basic writing
introduction to creative writing
principles of marketing
marketing information
media technologies
paralegal studies
physical education:
wilderness camping
wilderness orienteering
web technology

So that's my small list :) It's just a basic list I came up with from reading over the courses they offer. So I have some ideas of what I want to dabble in I guess! Sorry for the long post, I just wanted to get some things out there!