Thursday, July 31, 2008

Just wanted to put something on my blog!

Well hello there! I haven't updated my blog in a while so I thought I would just put a little something on here. School starts in just a few days, I'm kinda glad and a little sad. Audrey I think is ready to go back cause I've been working everyday this summer so we've not got to spend as much time together and do stuff like we usually do in the summer. We did manage to go to Dollywood a few times and we went to the zoo one day. I would have liked to do more fun things together, but just didn't get to. Enough whining about summer time. She did get to go with me to work some and spend time with friends while I worked. She did enjoy that.

Friday, July 18, 2008


Audrey overheard a conversation about hair and cutting hair. So last night when we got home she wanted me to cut her hair, I thought about it while she took her shower. So when she got out I said I would do it. She showed me how short she wanted it so I did it! I think I did a pretty good job too! I really like it short and so does she. She looks older.

This is a side shot!

Here is the back, so short!

I cut aboout 5 inches off!!

Friday, July 4, 2008

My baby girl is 8 now!!

Audrey had a really good birthday this year. We had a luau party at church this year, she only invited 8 girls so it was a great amount for a party! Audrey dressed up like a hula dancer(of course!) It was fun, we had a pinata, limbo, roast the pig(like pin the tail on the donkey), we had tribal art and the girls danced around like hula dancers! Then at the end we had some water games so everyone got wet!! Here are just a few pictures cause I took A LOT!!