Friday, October 16, 2009

I want to learn something new


picture found on etsy

picture found on etsy

I really want to learn how to knit! I had tried a few years ago, but decided I didn't want to do it, really I was just WAY TOO IMPATIENT! I started on a scarf and ended up putting it in a closet or something cause I didn't want to finish! So now I want to try and learn again! I don't have anything to start with, I don't even know if I still have needles! Anyway that's what I am wanting to do now!


Monday, October 12, 2009

I was a little freaked out!

Okay so I had a very unsettling thing happen to me this past Friday. I was at work as usual and someone came into the store to buy some appliances, well they had to wait around a while for someone to pick up there purchases in a trailer. As soon as the guys that were picking up pulled up and parked I knew who one of the guys were right off the bat. It was the brother of Audrey's dad! I had actually dated him and kinda cheated on him with his brother, now I know I sound like a whore and if that's what you think fine, I was young and a little dumb! Anyway.... I began to freak out a little bit, I was thinking oh my gosh what am I going to do! So I was cleaning an appliance on the row in front of the door, well they walk inside and I'm standing there finishing what I was doing. I look at them very briefly and it was him! I got my stuff and moved to the next row to clean something else. So I'm trying to stay out of sight and do my job. Then the phone rings and Peggy, who I work with, answers and is talking to someone on the phone. Guess what?! The phone rings again on the other line and usually she will ask me by name to answer the phone if she knows she can't get to it. Since I knew this I answered it right away so she would not say my name out loud! I knew if she had said my name he would know who I was! Now I did exchange looks with him very quickly, I did not want to make eye contact. While I was on the phone with this person I had to go and get a price for washer. Well I had to walk right in front of him to go get the price!! Then I had to walk back by him to the phone! I was so out of it I don't even know what I said on the phone! I was so nervous! For those of you who don't know Audrey's father doesn't have anything to do with us, for all I know he may not even know I was really pregnant! I did tell him when I found out, but I never saw him again after that, well I'd say about 2 weeks after I found out is when I left and never saw him again. So I was worried that if his brother recognized me he might go and tell him! Well it's Monday and no sign of anyone! I have not been that freaked out in a LONG time, I was shaking and if I could have left right then I would have broke down and cried! Part of me wanted to talk to him cause I did like him years ago, you could say we had something special. I knew that if I did talk to him though mine and Audrey's life would change forever and I don't think it would be good. So I kept my mouth shut and I stayed out of sight. I kinda wish he had recognized me, but it's best he didn't. I also wander if he did actually know it was me, but just didn't say anything. I have seen him a few times over the years, but he has never seen me as far as I know! He is the only one I see from that family. Now if I ever saw her father I would just lose it!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

just some pics of my girls!

This is Franchesca, so stinkin cute!
Franchesca again looking super adorable!

Penelope and Audrey outside just hanging out together.

I want to post some more pics I just have to take the time to do so, but for now here are just a few!