Monday, August 25, 2008

Indian Boundary camping trip!!!

We went camping again and it was lot's of fun! I really enjoy the great outdoors, I don't really do much but I truly love it! The only bad thing about this trip was my air mattress went flat so me and Audrey ended up on the ground! It wasn't so bad, I just slept on my back all night, I did have a hard time getting to sleep though! Luckily it was the last night that it decided to go flat!! Here is a slide show of pictures cause I took so many, I figured since I didn't take many last time that this time I would take LOT'S and that I did! I did get some pretty pictures that I want to change to black and white. Ummmm...... I guess that's all for now, I don't really have any cool stories to tell about this trip maybe next time!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Just having fun!

We went to my grandparents for dinner the other night and me and Audrey had to mow the backyard, which is fine cause we like to do that, they have a riding lawn mower so it's fun! After we finished mowing we went across the street to the neighbors house to pick apples from there tree. It was a lot of fun, Audrey had never got to go and do that. I have some in the past when I was younger. Luckily I brought my camera that evening, I was so glad that I did cause I got to take some pictures of everyone picking apples. So here are a few of my favorites!

This was also Audrey first day back to school, she is a third grader now!! That's so hard to believe, her classroom is on the top floor, I had no idea 3rd grade was on the top floor, she is growing so fast! She had a very good day and she really likes her teacher.Audrey eating her breakfast.

Ready to walk out the door to school!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Poison Ivy! YUCK

Last Thursday my poor child had a rash on her face, so I thought. At the time it looked like she had put something on her face that irritated it. Well I put some lotion on it and forgot about it. The next morning she woke up and it was all over the side of her face. That's when I looked a little closer, and when I did I noticed that it was bumpy and scaly looking and I realized it was poison, on her face! I was not happy cause once you got it it's very hard to get rid of, plus school was starting in 4 days. So my baby get's to start school with poison ivy on her face. I guess it could be worse! Oh yeah yesterday I found more on her back and on her shoulder! So weird!

It really doesn't look that bad in this picture, but you can see how her face isn't smooth and it's puffy.