Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My baby girl is 10!!!

I can't believe my child is 10 now! It kinda makes me feel old! I can't believe I'm old enough to HAVE a 10 yr old! So what. She had a very good birthday, we celebrated a whole weekend! We spent the night in hotel close to home with a POOL! She is ALWAYS asking to go spend the night at a hotel so she can play in the pool and pretend we're on a mini vacation! So we did and it was fun. We had her party with the fam at the hotel, presents and yummy cookie cake, her favorite! Her cousin ended up staying with us for the night too so that was fun!

The next day we went to the mall and she got to spend her birthday money on whatever she wanted. She bought a few things like clothes and jewelry! Then I treated her to a trip to build-a-bear! She picked a cute bear and dressed it up as buzz lightyear! She had so much fun, I'm glad cause I thought she was too old for it now!

Then on her actual birthday we went to the zoo! We LOVE going to the zoo! I had asked off of work so I could spend the day with her on her birthday! Plus we went over to our friends house to pickup her gift from them! Which she LOVED, enough to wear it in her 10 year pictures! It was an outfit BTW. I would say that she had a VERY good 10th birthday!

That's all I've got today. Hopefully I'll start updating the blog more often!