Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Having fun

These are some pictures from the past couple of days. We have been playing basketball out back since it's cleaned out. I'm even enjoying it, even though I'm terrible at the game! My sister-in-law brought Penelope over the other night so I TRIED to get some good pictures, she is so ROTTEN! I did manage to get a few good ones. Then there's just some nature pics I wanted to take. Enjoy!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Job hunting STINKS!

I am getting a little down about finding a job. I really thought when I got back in town I would have no problem getting a job. I guess I was SO wrong about that. I've been looking in the child care field so I could take Audrey or at least have a class she could be in for the summer. I don't even know if thats what I want anymore. I think I want to try something else I just don't know what I would do! I in my mid twenties and I have no other experience but working with kids. Plus I'm a little afraid to try something else. I just don't think that I could work a "desk" job and make enough money to live on AND pay for Audrey's child care in the summer! I'm so fixing to FREAK OUT! I need some serious guidance about my future!!!

Lord please help me. I'm trying to stay positive, but I can only stay positive for so long!

Monday, April 14, 2008

My calendar book

I finally got to make a calendar book. This past weekend was my churches ladies retreat and we got to pick 4 different classes to take on Saturday. One of them was a calendar making class, so of course I did it, and of course my best bud Carla did it with me. She knows how to make them too and has a bigger one and we are going to make another one together sometime. Anyway, I was thrilled to finally make one and I think it looks pretty good. I really enjoy being creative!

This is the front of my book

One the pages inside

Another page inside

Just a blank page for pictures or writing

Plus I did take some good pics of the scenery (or at least I think there good pics!)