Friday, May 14, 2010

Dreaming of NY!

I'm ready to go back to New York! I would love to go for 2 weeks this time and just go see EVERYTHING! If money wasn't an issue it could be super fun! I don't know why I've got the NY bug now, but i do! I guess it's just that I'm ready to go somewhere for a vacation! Oh well:( I probably won't go anywhere this summer, just stay home and go to the zoo(hopefully see Mr Craig the cute afterschool teacher) and MAYBE go to Dollywood(?), my friend Carla is talking me into getting DW passes this year. I'm thinking about it! So if I have a zoo pass AND a DW pass we can have some fun here this summer! Plus I hope to go camping too!

I've got to get some pictures up on this blog! Some day, I won't make promises!