Friday, June 13, 2008

Gone Camping!!

We finally got to use out tent!! We had never been tent camping b4, we always used a camper. Well we decided to go. Of all the places to go we went to one without showers, no water hook-up, plus no power! It turned out to be very fun! I really enjoyed camping in a tent, having air mattresses helped too! This is our wonderful tent!

Audrey playing in the creek! It was a little chilly for me!

We went to the Cades Cove campground, and there you have to worry about bears. So each night we had to make sure ALL food was put in containers and put in cars that way the bears won't come to our campsite! While there we HAD to drive the Cades Cove loop, of course! We have always drove it Hoping to see bears, I would say out of all the times I've been and I've been A LOT, I've only seen two bears! This time was awesome, we saw two momma bears and four cubs! Not only did we see them, one of the bear families was right next to the car!! I was pretty scared but SUPER excited! The cubs were climbing a tree next to the car and the mom was there close! Crazy people were getting out of there cars to take pictures and that momma bear did NOT like it! She would run away a little bit and stand up to look around and then she would run back to the tree where the cubs were! I just knew that momma was gonna get her some dinner that day!!

This is Audrey with 2 cicadas! These things were EVERYWHERE, Audrey enjoyed picking them up and throwing them in the air so they could fly. I don't think she really helped, but she thinks she did!
Audrey posing in front of the mountains!

This is a gorgeous view of the mountains!

This is me and Audrey at one of the old houses in Cades Cove. We had a lot of fun on our camping trip!