Saturday, October 2, 2010

Wow it's a been a long time!!

I have not blogged in SO LONG! I just hate sitting down and trying to figure out what to say. Since it's been since July, school started back and Audrey started dance again. Work is going good. It's finally feeling like fall here in TN! Fall is MY MOST FAVORITE SEASON!! It just recently cooled off so I can believe it's fall! I would like to go fall shopping, but I am now on a budget and seem to be broke all the time! Why is it when I'm trying to save my money and spend only when needed I NEVER have any money. Oh well I'm trying to become a responsible adult, boo!

I am so ready to go pick a pumkin and carve it, go pick apples to eat, hay rides, smores, hot dogs, and so much more. Oh and UT football!! My blood is definitley orange and white, I know the VOLS aren't doing so great, but I do support them.

We recently went to a hot air balloon fest at a local community college here in town and it was SO MUCH FUN! Lot's of people too! We stood in line for a funnel cake for about 30 minutes!! I know, why would we do that?! Cause they are so yummy! It was cool to watch the balloons fill up and get really big. Then when they were all blown up, they did a balloon glow. I'd say there were probably 10-12 balloons?! I might be exagerating a little. I'll put some pictures on so you can see how cool it was!

Oh yeah, we went to the TN Valley Fair in September. That was fun too. We only went one time, good thing too! It was not cheap! My boss gave me tickets to use, but I still ended up spending $58! I couldn't afford to go more than once! I didn't take any pics with my camera, I just used my phone.

So that pretty much sums things up from the last couple of months!


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